November 12 2007

Buffy Season 8, Issue 8


Buffy Season 8, Issue 8Characters Seen:

This was the third part of the Faith-centric story arc, No Future For You.  When last we left Faith, she and psycho-slayer, Lady Genevieve Savidge, were bonding.  Now we find they have bonded even more as Genevieve lets Faith (who is going by the name Hope) in on her plan to kill Buffy.

According to her, Buffy has turned the Slayers in to the serfs of human kind, and it was time the Slayers got rid of Buffy, and took their rightful place as the leaders of the world.

Meanwhile, Giles is still waiting for Faith to return, and has brought in a “freelancer”, some form of dwarf creature named Trafalgar, to break the  mystic barrier around the estate.  He is unable to do so, and while talking with Giles, he poses the question “what if she’s gone native?”, meaning has she flipped sides.

Cut to “Hope” and Genevieve in a huge bubble bath, relaxing.  They bond some more over their love of music, and then Lady Savidge talks more of her plan to kill Buffy.  This obviously has an effect on Faith, and she asks her not to go after her.  Gigi, as she is nicknamed, appreciates the concern, but states she’s not going anywhere.

We cut to Scotland where Willow is finishing setting up radar defenses around the castle.  Buffy is stepping up security every where in case the military comes knocking.  She asks Willow if they should also put in sonar since they have a moat and “we need something to that can tell us if it’s crawling with Navy Frogmen.  Or an army of man-frogs.”

Willow finally asks something that had been bothering me since issue #1… where is all this money coming from?  Buffy says that they have backers with deep pockets, but they prefer to remain anonymous.  (What makes me think we’ll learn later on?)  As they continue to talk, Buffy suddenly disappears and…

She appears at the Savidge estate.  She confronts the warlock about bringing her there, and as they argue, Genevieve attacks Buffy, with Faith watching from an upper floor.  Buffy makes fairly quick work of the lady, who makes the mistake of mentioning  that Buffy has more fight in her then the last Slayer she killed.

Buffy snaps, angered beyond reason that this woman would kill other Slayers, and as she raises the sword she took from Genevieve, preparing to kill her…

Faith calls her name, Buffy calls Faith’s name, and Genevieve goes “Faith?”.  Faith launches herself at Buffy, knocking her out a window, and they land in the pool.  Buffy is sure Faith is working for evil again and punches her.  Faith tries to explain and tells her Giles sent her, Buffy says Giles never trusted her.  Faith snaps (there was a lot of mental snaps in this issue), and attacks Buffy, strangling her, and holding her under the water of the pool.  She wants to kill her, but can’t, and lets her up.  Just as they begin to talk, Willow teleports Buffy back to Scotland, having finally located her after transporting some other confused people to the castle.

Faith sits alone at the side of the pool, lamenting her life… when Genevieve comes up behind her with an axe held high, stating, “I thought you were my friend.”

See ya all next issue!

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