November 13 2007

Last Supper… again

Last Supper Musical CodeThis picture is from the Associated Press, and it deals with two people claim to have found a musical code hidden in The Last Supper painting. Using a computer, they discovered what they claim sounds like a requiem.


I mean, we have the guy who reversed the image and found all sorts of secret meanings. And then we got the 16 gigapixel picture every one could study. And now… now it has music in it.

So, this got me to wondering what I could find in it if I worked at it.

First … I drank 8 pots of coffee. I felt this would bring me closer to the universe since I don’t do drugs.

Then … then I snorted a line of Lucky Charms marshmallows. HEY! Don’t judge me!… they’re magically delicious, you know.

Finally, I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory… backwards… at high speed…

With my mind in a proper state… and using an abacus… I… I found a hidden message. I just hope the world is ready for it…

I had no clue they had magenta back then…

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