November 15 2007

A music executive finally gets it

Edgar BronfmanEdgar Bronfman, the boss of Warner Music seems to finally “get it”.

Mr. Bronfman, whom I wrote about here and here, seems to have done a sudden about face in relation to music piracy. That’s not to say he condones it, but he seems to understand how and why it happened.  Speaking at the GSMA Mobile Asia Congress, he said:

“We used to fool ourselves. We used to think our content was perfect just exactly as it was. We expected our business would remain blissfully unaffected even as the world of interactivity, constant connection and file sharing was exploding. And of course we were wrong.

How were we wrong? By standing still or moving at a glacial pace, we inadvertently went to war with consumers by denying them what they wanted and could otherwise find and as a result of course, consumers won.”

He also went on to say:

“You need to look no further than Apple’s iPhone to see how fast brilliantly written software presented on a beautifully designed device with a spectacular user interface will throw all the accepted notions about pricing, billing platforms and brand loyalty right out the window. And let me remind you, the genesis of the iPhone is the iPod and iTunes – a music device and music service that consumers love.”

Say what? Is this the same man who at one time thought Apple should give music companies a cut of every iPod sold because Apple was keeping the price of music “artificially low”?  Does this mean that he will back away from attacking consumers?

Who knows, but it’s amazing to see such a turnabout.  Now… what’s the catch?

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