November 19 2007

DVD Sets

Buffy Complete DVD setI have come to the conclusion that if an older television series I like comes out on DVD, I am waiting until all the seasons are out and wait see what happens. The “Complete Series” box sets trick is quickly annoying me.

Let’s take Buffy, The Vampire Slayer as an example. Going through Amazon, seasons 1 – 7 will run $218.93, but if you waited for them to do the complete box set, you can have the entire series for $164.99. Amitadely I started buying the seasons while the show was still airing, but I still wasn’t too happy when the box set came out. You would have thought this taught me a lesson, but oh no.

There have been other instances, but the latest, and the one that taught me my lesson was The Addams Family. Buying sets 1 – 3 separately comes to $59.97, but if I had known there would be a complete series set coming, I wouldn’t have picked them up as they were released. Actually, that’s the burn, I had the first two, and then as the third came out, the set was announced.

So, my lesson has been learned, unless it is something I am trying to catch up on, such as 30 Rock, then I can wait it out and see if the box set is coming out, and hopefully save myself a couple of dollars… or… you know… I could just stop buying DVDs, but… that would make sense…

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  • The main problem is that, if too few people buy the seasons as they are released at the higher price, there’s every chance the subsequent seasons will never be released. People who jump in now because they love a series so much they’re waiting for each season are the ones who contribute to the full sets eventually getting released.

    My husband and I have been on both ends of this. We bought each season of Monty Python for a grand total of around $200. Currently, the mega-set can be bought for a little under $50 with Deep Discount DVDs low price and 20% discount *and* it includes all the other Python live DVDs. We took a bath from the box set discount point of view but we’ve probably watched them 6x since buying them. Similarly, we are paying the higher price for each season of The Bob Newhart Show and The Rockford Files though we know there’s a good chance there will be an utlra-cheap box of both later (if they get released in their entireties).

    So, how important is saving money vs. supporting the full release of a series? That’s the important question. If it’s a series you’re so-so on, then gamble on the box.

  • Shari – Good point. And that has been some of my thinking behind my purchases. There ARE failures out there (Murphy Brown, Malcolm In The Middle), so it does happen.