November 21 2007

First Snow

First Snow 2007 It was 70F on Tuesday, and today we’re expecting as much as 2″ of snow.  It won’t stick as the ground is still too warm for it.

I took this picture this afternoon from the front porch of my warehouse (yes, that’s “my” truck, though I avoid driving it like the plague as it is a hand-me-down and I hate it).   This is a bit early for our first snow, and looking at the forecast that we’ll be back in the 40’s by Friday, which is more the average, but was nice to see it.

Over the past several years our snow fall has dropped to next to nothing, which in some ways is welcome (less inconvenience), but it sucks for the farmers.   Course, hopefully we would never have a repeat of the Great Flood of 1993 snows/rains where we ended up being in the middle of what was later called “a 1,000 year flood”, meaning one of that severity would probably only happen once every 1,000 years.

That… was not fun.

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