November 22 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving 2007Ugh… yeah, like pretty much every other American, I ate too much. And, yes, this picture was my dinner. Damn my weakness for stuffing!

Something interesting happened though: Why did I take a picture of my meal?

Over the past few years I have become friends with a woman from a foreign country in the Souther hemisphere (I won’t say which country as she would die of embarrassment if I identified her), and she is fascinated with Thanksgiving. Her only exposure to it has been via movies and American television shows. This has led her to have a very romanticized idea of what Thanksgiving is all about. I explained to her the true history of the holiday, but she still has this idea of how families gather and it’s all cheery and sweet.

There’s no denying it’s a good time most of the time, but nothing like the movies portray, of course. It’s interesting to ponder just how much our culture has permeated culture all around the world. I had a friend from England who told me how people would call 911 in an emergency as opposed to their 999 number. The reason being they remembered it from seeing it on American television shows.

Is this a healthy thing? Sure, in the case of my one friend, she just thinks the day sounds like fun, and it gave me an endless source of amusement. But, in the case of 911, not so much. There’s no way to stop this from happening, but you have to wonder what else it may be leading to.

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