November 23 2007

And I have chosen my HD format

Toshiba HD-A35Not that it matters to 99.9% of you, but I have chosen my High Def format and… I went HD-DVD. I ordered my Toshiba HD-A35 and will be getting it next week.

So why did I finally decide on HD-DVD over Blu-ray?  (In no particular order)

  1. Cost – HD-DVD is bringing their prices down much faster than Blu-ray.
  2. Promotion – I got 10 free movies in addition to the excellent price.
  3. Installed User Base – No matter how Sony tries to spin it, the people with HD-DVD players are purchasing more movies per player than Blu-ray.
  4. Quality – Again, it’s a matter of spin, but the only MAJOR advantage Blu-ray has over HD-DVD is storage capacity, and when you get up to these numbers, does a person really need THAT many special features?  Otherwise they’re very close to being negligible.

Now that I’ve picked a side… expect a surge in Blu-ray sales.

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  • Roy

    Right after you posted this the BDA announced that Blu-ray owns 97% of the HD market in Japan and 73% in Europe. If HD-DVD catches on in the US we may end up with one format in North America and another everywhere else ;-(

  • Roy… see? *laugh* Course, it may be a fudging of the numbers again by the Blu-ray group. Similar to their number of installed players counting all PS3’s, but only 40% of those people had actually purchased a Blu-ray disc to play. Who knows, both sides are slinging mud, and knowing how companies love to mess with us, they may dump both formats and announce something totally new!

  • Roy

    More news:

    Not trying to rub it in or anything. Just providing the details :-)

  • When they provide numbers with the PS3 broken out of the data, and measure stand-alone players, I’ll say “sure”. But I know how they’re fudging the numbers. And if I lose, I lose *shrug* I mean, my god, anyone wanna see my Laser Disc collection?

  • Roy

    I don’t know why you keep bringing up the PS3. These figures are for movies titles and not players.

  • Because you didn’t say there for movies :-p That’s a whole different beast then.

  • Roy

    Blu-ray Owns 95% of Australian HD Market

    So Europe, Japan and Australia are all becoming blu. What wrong with people in North America?!!

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