November 25 2007

2007 Holiday Viewing

In what is becoming an annual list, I’m going to share the holiday programming I enjoy every year.

A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol – Patrick Stewart is a classically trained actor and he brings a powerful tone to the role of Scrooge. A fantastic version of this classic tale of Christmas spirit.

A Christmas Story – Set in the 1940’s does nothing to diminish the fun or relevance of this movie. Every kid has had that “dream” gift on their Christmas list that it seemed no one wanted you to have. Fun, cute and so many quotable lines. “You’ll shoot your eye out” if you miss this one!

It’s a Wonderful Life – Come on…do I even really need to discuss this one? Is there anyone alive who hasn’t seen this? Actually I did find someone this year…and I promptly pointed her out for the heretic she is. This is one of my all time favorite movies. Jimmy Stewart is amazing.

Love Actually – Really, the only connection to Christmas is the time of year, and a couple of holiday jokes, but it’s cute and sweet. Never mind it has a stellar cast of English actors and actresses.

Miracle on 34th Street – While some can believe it’s like a film length ad for Macy’s department store, it’s still a cute film with a central message that Christmas can be magical for any numer of reasons.

Christmas VacationNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – The Vacation movies have been a mixed bag (as has most of Chevy Chase’s career), but this film is so easy to relate to. We all have those dreams of the perfect family Christmas, just to have them dashed and never have them live up to our hopes. Plus, the Cousin Eddie scene in white sweater, with green dickie, is worth the entire price of the movie!

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Not only is it a sweet story, and amazing to watch, how can you not love a movie that can make both the Halloween AND Christmas movie lists?

The Original Television Christmas Classics (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer / Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town / Frosty the Snowman / Frosty Returns / The Little Drummer Boy) – I recommend this primiarly for Rudolph, but now you can only get it with all this other stuff. Oh well. What is Christmas without Rudolph? Nothing I tell you!

Santa Claus – The Movie – This movie got ravaged by critics, but it is cute, funny and warm. Deal with it.

You have a fave? Talk about it!

And yes, I know a lot of these movies show up on TV, but if it’s something like It’s A Wonderful Life, PLEASE don’t watch it on commercial television. It is deserving of your hard earned money being spent on a DVD of it. Same with Christmas Vacation. Christmas Story I don’t mind because it’s a 24-hour marathon, I usually watch it 3 – 4 times through out the time period. Yes… 3 – 4 times, I love it that much.

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  • Roy

    You forgot “Meet me in St. Louis” which isn’t really a Christmas Movie except for the part where Judy Garland sings “Have yourself a very Merry Christmas” but they play it on Christmas day every year, even in Japan!!

    BTW, all those Rankin and Bass Christmas animations were made in Japan. It’s true.

  • Roy

    I know there will be someone who doesn’t believe that our beloved christmas animations were made at the same time as Mazinger Z so I will provide some proof in advance.

  • Jo

    I need to upgrade my Patrick Stewart A Christmas Carol to CD. I have the original on tape the first year it was put out – and I agree, its wonderful. Can’t stomach Its a Wonderful Life or The Christmas Story, but can do Christmas Vacation and Scrooged with Bill Murray!

  • Jack

    Only two glaring omissions from your list:

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Now I know some people don’t like Charlie Brown (speaking of heretics), but how o how can you not love the dog with the antler tied to his head?

    I’m more partial to the Muppet Christmas Carol than the Patrick Stewart version. Michael Caine is a greatly underrated Scrooge, and I love Gonzo as narrator.

    It’s a Wonderful Life is a great fantasy movie, but for sheer Christmas spirit, I think Miracle on 34th Street is superior.

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  • Nadine

    Oh beautiful! The Christmas Classics made it onto your list! I always have my fingers crossed that as many other people love them as my family and I do.

    Ever since I was a child it’s been those movies that really bring out the magic of the holidays for me. Wrapping up on the couch with my family and watching Frosty the Snowman or Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town – I’m transported back to my own childhood, and I feel the same peace and joy I did watching those same timeless movies with my parents.

    I’m really glad I don’t have to wait for them to come on TV this year. Now there is a limited collector edition DVD box-set of all the Christmas Classics available, containing my two favorite Christmas movies plus five more. It even comes with a bonus music CD containing 7 favorite holiday songs! I only know about it because I work with the company, but you can buy it wherever you do your Christmas shopping. This is something my family and I will treasure for many holiday seasons to come, and I hope it’s something your families can cherish as well. :)

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