November 30 2007

Writers Reject Pitiful Offer, Strike Continues

I am sure the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP) felt their offer to the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) would make it look like they are the ones trying to seriously settle the ongoing writer’s strike, but, alas, their offer was a joke.

Dubbed the “New Economic Partnership”, according to an anonymous source to the New York Times, even the name was chosen to convey they were working with the writers.  The offer was for an additional $130 million over the next three years, but it was done in very small increases.

The biggest insult was in the royalties for an hour long show to be streamed on the Internet for one year.  Currently the fee is $20,000 for a one hour show to be aired on television for one year, for Internet streaming the producers offered $250 for the same length of time.

… 1.25% of the television rate?  I mean, I’m sure the advertising rates are cheaper online, but are the networks trying to say they earn only 1.25% of the rate they do for airing it on TV?  Somehow I find that unlikely.

Talks are scheduled to resume Tuesday, but it appears that the two sides are still miles apart, and the writers are preparing for the strike to go for the long-haul. What does that mean to you, the viewing public?  Be prepared for a lot of the episodes airing now to serve as your “season finales”.

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