Remember that Washington Post story I talked about yesterday? The one where they’re going to try to say copying CDs you legally purchased to your computer is a copyright violation? Well, bless the good folks at Boing Boing for finding this, now missing, gem from the RIAA website. “If you choose to take your own… read more



December 31 2007

Top 10 Posts of 2007

I thought I would give you all a round up of what the top 10 posts for were this year. Yet Another Cloverfield Update – From December 6th of this year. Wow, 25 days and it was my #1 viewed post. This one was all about the “anti-Tagruato” site that popped up in the… read more


December 30 2007

RIAA tries a new tactic

Back in October I discussed a new tact that Sony Records was trying by claiming that anyone who copied music from a legally purchased CD to their computer was a pirate. The abbreviated quote is: “When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song.”… read more


Yes, you heard correctly, Late Show with David Letterman is coming back on the air on January 2nd… with its writers! Each show is allowed to negotiate with their writers independently of the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP), and David Letterman, who has been an ardent supporter of the strike, decided to… read more


Remember when I mentioned I was writing my Blogging Goals For 2008 as part of a project? Well, said project is done, and 78 blogs, including mine participated. I love projects like this.  Blogging can be a fairly solitary exercise, so to get to work with others in any way is always a blessing.  Daily… read more

The National Film Preservation Board has made their annual announcement of which films are being added to The National Film Registry. Back to the Future (1985) Bullitt (1968) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Dance, Girl, Dance (1940) Dances With Wolves (1990) Days of Heaven (1978) Glimpse of the Garden (1957) Grand Hotel (1932)… read more

I just spent the past four days blogging my little heart out over at Mashable due to it being the holidays. Since I live with my family, and had nowhere to travel to, I went ahead and took all the open shifts, including Christmas day. I figured if I’m going to have my laptop on… read more

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General Rants

December 25 2007

Dr. Phil

Can we all just agree that Oprah must be stopped from picking any more protégés? I was perusing TV Squad today and came across this amazing nugget of info. During a holiday party in Beverly Hills this past weekend, Dr. Phil told People magazine that Lynne Spears, mother to Britney and recently pregnant, 16-year-old Jamie… read more

My boys wish you all a Merry Christmas. Click any of the images for a larger view. Patrick Henry Winston Churchill Theodore Roosevelt… read more

This previous Saturday, an odd day for tech announcements, Mozilla Labs announced their latest project, Weave. For those unfamiliar with Mozilla, they are the makers of my beloved Firefox browser, and Weave is a new concept that will work with that very same browser. Essentially this new product will allow you to go to any… read more


It’s that time again for me to wax quixotic about a make-believe holiday started by a television series. As I have said before, I was never a big fan of Seinfeld, but I swear this holiday makes more sense to me every year. I had a heck of a time getting into the Christmas spirit… read more


December 23 2007

Snow Addiction

This is Teddy. Teddy has a problem. He suffers from “snow addiction”. We’re trying to get him in a program, he’s up to a couple inches a day. It’s horrible. (you can click the image for a larger view of his shame)… read more

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