December 4 2007

The Return of Debra Lafave

Debrea LafaveIts been over two years since Debra Lafave first graced this blog.  For those who don’t remember her, this is the Florida teacher who slept with a 14-year old student.  While she was found guilty during her trial, the judge decided she was too pretty to serve time in prison.

Yes… too pretty… it makes the min explode.

She is out of her 3 years of house arrest and now she is serving 7 more years on probation.  One of the terms of her probation is that she may not speak to any teenager without permission given before hand.


While she did only talk to th other girl who worked with her as a waitress at a restaurant, and all that was said was that they discussed Lafave’s personal life, but no details beyond that.  She has been arrested and released, and had to promise for a future court date.  She is now working as a receptionist for her mother’s beauty salon, and has been for the past month.

While I am no fan of Lafave’s,  I do think what has been portrayed as workplace chit-chat with a 17-year old girl makes it fairly heavy handed to call it a parole violation.  Hopefully that was all it was, but who knows, and who knows if we’ll ever hear the true story.

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