December 6 2007

Yet Another Cloverfield Update

Tidowave.comI know… I keep talking about this, and I am sure people are bored with it, but too bad!

You have to give it to JJ Abrams, the man has turned viral marketing in to a damned art form. As I discussed in the last update of the mystery movie known as Cloverfield, the film seems to be adding more mystery sites out there; this time around there is only one mystery site, but also a fake commercial for the Slusho! drink.

The new site hasn’t been 100% confirmed to be from the makers of the movie yet, but it sure seems to be. is a site dedicated to how the fictional Tagruato corporation is destroying the planet’s oceans. They include stories on the ecological impact of various Tagruato projects as well as the supposed death of a marine biologist and his family that worked for the company. The site is a little too slick to not be an official viral marketing site, in my opinion.

Seriously, enough already, just give us the damn movie so I can kick myself for being this interested!  Ain’t It Cool News had a supposed review of a test screening a while back, but who knows if it was real.  If it was, it does sound promising.

Official Sites



Supposedly Connected Sites – Part of the Tagruato Corp. (this one is questionable to being legit)

Jamie and Teddy – Love videos from the character of Jamie to someone named Teddy.

Slusho! – The mysterious drink that also has a connection to Abrams’ old series, Alias.

Tagruato Corp. – Yeah, I discussed it above already. – No one knows for sure yet that it is connected.

MySpace Profiles of Characters

Beth McIntrye

Rob Hawkins

Hudson Platt

Lily Ford

Marlena Diamond

Jamie Rascano

JJ Hawkins

Sites Following The Insanity

1-18-08 Project Cloverfield – This one is my favorite of them.

Cloverfield Central

Cloverfield Clues

Cloverfield Movie News

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