December 7 2007

Cocker Spaniels Who Need A Home

MonteLaura of TLD Cocker Spaniels has her hands full with cocker spaniels at the moment. (For those who follow along, Laura was the breeder of my Winston and Patrick) Besides her usual puppies, which the current litter is ADORABLE, she has three adults that need homes.

Pictured here is Monte. He was born December 16th, 2006, and is fixed, house broken, and knows multiple commands (sit, shake and so on). His owner sadly had a stroke and is no longer able to take care of him. I feel horrible for the little guy, so before I go and do something stupid/silly, please someone give him a good home!

She also has two 2-year olds she is retiring from her breeding program, Jackson Brown and Kristee. Both have wonderful pedigrees and used to being indoors.

If any of the adults interest you, check them out at her site.

ETA: Monte has a home!  The other two still need them!

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