December 8 2007

Buffy Season 8, Issue 9


Buffy Season 8, Issue 9Characters Seen:
Mayor Richard Wilkins – Flashback

This was the fourth, and final, part of the Faith-centric story arc, No Future For You. When last we left Faith, Buffy had just vanished, and Faith was sitting on the edge of the pool they had just fought in. Lady Genevieve Savidge sneaks up behind her, ready to attack, but no big surprise, Faith knows she’s coming. As she sits and waits, she flashes back to her time with Mayor Richard Wilkins, and no matter how evil he was, he made her feel like she was loved.

Faith tries to explain the things she said were real, but Genevieve doesn’t want to hear it and attacks her anyway. Faith kicks back, sending the English Lady flying across the grounds, smashing through the greenhouse wall.

As Faith and Genevieve continue their fight, we cut to Giles still trying to get through the mystical barrier, and once his freelancer gives up, the Watcher get a call from Willow. Turns out it is actually Buffy, angry about Giles working with Faith and having not informed her. They argue, Giles tells Buffy he didn’t want her involved. The look of hurt on Buffy’s face is obvious, but Buffy hands the phone to Willow and walks off.

Meanwhile, the fight in the greenhouse continues with the two slayers trading blow for blow. Then, with a “lucky” hit, Faith knocks Genevieve on to an axe used earlier in the fight. Faith screams no, over and over, wishing it hadn’t happened. The warlock who had been training the Lady decides he chose badly, and asks Faith to join him, explaining that “Twilight” will let him keep his powered when the end comes. He hands Faith his spell book to lure her with power… she ponders it… the hits across the chin with it.

He attacks Faith, binding her in a hand made of dirt, Faith smiles… Giles appears, Willow brought down the barrier, and he stabs the warlock with garden shears. This releases Faith, and she tosses Giles the spell book, he quickly casts a barrier spell, which the warlock says it failed, and would have been pointless since he could have broken it. That’s when Giles informs him that’s why he made it only a small one… inside of him. He mutters “Burst.” and the warlocks head explodes.

Back in the United States, Giles says he will make good on his promise and he’s ready to help Faith set up a new life, which she passes on. She feels that for now she is needed more to help guide other potential evil slayers on a path to goodness. Giles offers to help her, but she feels this will piss off Buffy, but Giles informs her they are not on speaking terms. Faith and Giles make a deal to be equals and help other slayers avoid potential pitfalls.

We end with a helicopter landing in the desert and a lone army lieutenant exiting the chopper and looking for “Twilight”. At last, we learn the guy we saw floating above the church in issue #1 is the mysterious new Big Bad, and his name is Twilight. She has come to inform him that “their man on the inside” reports Buffy is still alive. He says that is fine, the true purpose happened, everyone is turning on everyone else. Whoever he is, he wants to bring “this age of magic to a close.”

Next issue… Joss writes pretty words for us again. See ya all next issue!

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