December 12 2007

Twitter – Take 2

TwitterI tried out Twitter earlier in the year, and I just didn’t really take to it for some reason. The idea of going over to a website to post 140 characters about what I was doing just didn’t strike me as interesting, or fun.

So, the other day when Mashable was covering the new $5.4 million in funding Twitter got, the crew were listing their accounts so people could “follow” us. I figured, “Oh, what the heck, I’ll give it another try.”

I think I get it now.

With the ability to Twitter from GTalk, which I am on at least 18-hours a day, it’s so easy to update my account, it makes it fun. Add in I can Tweet from my cell when I actually leave my a office (a rare occasion), the idea of updating random people in mere seconds is appealing.

Then you have to ask yourself why you do this though? Why do you share such minute details of your life with complete strangers? True, I have this blog, but I don’t get deeply personal on it, and I also don’t update it six times a day. With Twitter, I have this odd compulsion to say the most random, nonsensical things, and broadcast it to the world? I’m not sure where this compulsion is coming from, but it’s amusing me for now.

I am sure the novelty will wear off again, but until it does, feel free to come over and see what I’m twittering about.

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