December 15 2007

Blog to live, live to blog

Okay, I think I’ve had my fill of blogging.

Since I got up today, it’s all I’ve done. BLORGE, Mashable, a new blog that hasn’t opened up yet, and now over here, and after here, I have more to do. It’s not that I mind the blogging as an act, but the fact it’s a seven day process, every week of the year. There is always blooging that needs to be done: Weekends, holidays, when you’re sick, when you’re healthy, the blogging is always there.

But, alas, it’s helping pay my bills, and it’s nice to be writing, but, darnit… I have a vague memory of this thing called “sleep”… I could be mistaken though… maybe I wrote an article about it?

As for the unopened blog… I can’t say anything about it until it launches next month. I left another job to give myself more time, but when this dropped in my lap, I couldn’t resist. I’m very excited about it, and I am anxious to share what it is, but everyone will just have to wait a couple of weeks to find out. I know at least one my regular readers here will be banging their head on their keyboard when they hear what it is…. this makes me smile, and for that alone, I can’t wait for that.

So, with all this blogging, getting inspired for posts over here has been a bit rough at times, what do you all do to get inspired? What part of your daily life makes you go “There it is… there’s my blog post!”?  Is there something you want to see me cover more?  Something I haven’t covered at all?  Help a brother out here!

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