December 16 2007

New WordPress Plugins

WordPress PluginsWell, new to me at least. These are in addition to the ones I posted about before. I discovered these by a post on Daily Blog Tips linking to a post about 50 must have plugins on

Admin Drop Down Menu – Finally, the admin menus as drop downs! Instead of clicking on “Manage” and then what I need, I can just jump there directly.

Instant Upgrade – This one I am still working on setting up, but as someone who installed WordPress on his own, I have to do all updates by hand also. It does get a bit tiresome. This is supposed to ease the process, and make it a bit more automatic.

Twitter updater – This will send an update to my Twitter based on posting new entries (such as this one) or when I edit an old one. The choice is totally up to you.

What about the other WordPress users out there?  What are some of your favorite plugins?

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