December 24 2007

Mozilla Launches Weave

WeaveThis previous Saturday, an odd day for tech announcements, Mozilla Labs announced their latest project, Weave.

For those unfamiliar with Mozilla, they are the makers of my beloved Firefox browser, and Weave is a new concept that will work with that very same browser.

Essentially this new product will allow you to go to any computer in the world running Firefox, log in to your account, and you will have all of your bookmarks, histories, passwords, everything that makes a copy of Firefox unique to you. They’ve posted four case studies for you to get a better idea of the real world implications of this new venture, and I have to say it looks quite exciting. You can check the image at the bottom for a visual idea of how this will work.

I especially like the idea of collaborative bookmarking directly from inside of Firefox. Quite often in the office we’re working on a project together, and being able to place relevant bookmarks directly into a folder that my co-workers can see will make life so much easier and faster. This will also be really useful in my professional blogging jobs since I don’t work near any of my editors.

There are also plans for this to become an extensible framework for third parties to build applications.  Imagine a travel planning app that would give you your information no matter where you are.

The project is in the earliest stages of Beta testing right now, and you’ll have to sign up for it to see if you can get in to the testing pool. I can’t wait for this to launch, but I will say I want to see some clue as to what security will be like.

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