December 25 2007

Dr. Phil

Dr. PhilCan we all just agree that Oprah must be stopped from picking any more protégés?

I was perusing TV Squad today and came across this amazing nugget of info.

During a holiday party in Beverly Hills this past weekend, Dr. Phil told People magazine that Lynne Spears, mother to Britney and recently pregnant, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn, is a “great and dedicated mother”. He admits that things aren’t looking up for her right now (ya think?), but McGraw adds that the Spears matriarch has her feet firmly on the ground and that she is turning to her faith for strength in this situation. In fact, Lynne told her friend Dr. Phil that they are turning to prayer to get past this all. No offense, but she must be praying nearly 24 hours a day.

Okay, look, everyone is entitled to their opinion, no argument there, but… she’s a great mother?

Dr. Phil has annoyed me for years, but nowhere to the degree of Rachael Ray (if you don’t know of my hatred for her… you must be new here), so I have always left him alone.  This, however, is SO monumentally stupid, you just have to go “huh?”

And seeing as both Dr. Phil and Satan’s daughter Rachael Ray are the spawns of Oprah… I don’t get where she finds these people.  Dr. Phil and his “down home” hokum psychology has always annoyed me, and to call Lynn Spears a “good mother”?  She let her 16-year old daughter move in with her boyfriend… yeah… good mother there, Phil.  Why don’t you go spout off some analogy about coyotes, as you are want to do, and go away.

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