December 31 2007

Top 10 Posts of 2007

I thought I would give you all a round up of what the top 10 posts for were this year.

Yet Another Cloverfield Update – From December 6th of this year. Wow, 25 days and it was my #1 viewed post. This one was all about the “anti-Tagruato” site that popped up in the viral marketing campaign.

3 Ways To Get Me To Not Visit Your Blog Again – Originally published on July 7th, this was part of the Daily Blog Tips Blog Project:Three contest, which I didn’t win, but I did get a fair number of votes.

The most insane trackback ever? – Ah, May 28th, when I decided to trace the origin of a picture I found. It made for a nice post about how people don’t give enough proper credit, or do their research, to where an image originated from. It turned in to nice cross links with the original site,, though.

Armando MontelongoArmando Montelongo – Oh, Armando. This post was done on August 28th, and was, I admit, a bit of search engine gaming. I had done a previous post about him and how much I despised him on Flip This House. It was getting a lot of search engine traffic, so I decided to do a second post when people were searching for info on the episode where he and his brother parted ways. Since it was my fourth most visited post of the year, I guess it was a good call.

1-18-08/Cloverfield Update – From October 5th of this year, since this is the second time Cloverfield appears in the top 10, I guess I’m not the only person obsessed with this. This one was about the sub-companies of the Tagruato company.

Sopranos Episode 85 – The Blue Comet – June 3rd, and probably my shortest post of the year. It was about the next-to-last episode of The Sopranos.

Buffy Season 8, Issue 4 – Well, this one from June 6th is a bit of a surprise. Apparently people really want to know what happens in the Buffy comics?

iPod Classic vs Tootsie Roll OwlHow long does it take to load 119.41GB of music on an iPod? – This one really shot up towards Christmas time. I originally discussed how long it would take to load music on to my new iPod Classic back on September 12th, and it seems a lot of people wondered the same.

Dark Knight Version Of The Joker – May 21st, and it involved the first released photo of Heath Ledger as The Joker from the new Batman movie.

Blade Runner – The Final Cut – A lengthy article from August 2nd about the new version of Blade Runner that was coming to DVD.  Now that I own this, I should do a follow-up review.

So, there you have it, the top 10 posts of the year for this blog.  What does it tell me about my readership?  Well, you like it when I talk about entertainment stuff, or at least the search engine folks do.  And then there are some real curve balls in there (like the trackback one).  I don’t know if this will influence what I cover in 2008, but it was still interesting to take a look back and see what you all were reading.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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