January 31 2008

Cloverfield 2

Well, this is just unfortunate news. Variety confirmed today that Paramount has greenlighted Cloverfield 2, with plans to reunite the creative team behind the first film: Drew Goddard will write, Matt Reeves is negotiating to direct again, and J.J. Abrams will be back to produce. As I said in my review, the film had a… read more

U2, the world famous rock band, wants to turn all ISPs in to copyright police and have them stop all that darned piracy! Paul McGuinness, the gentleman on the right in the picture, has been the manager of U2 since it’s inception. In other words, the man helped craft one of the biggest acts in… read more

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January 30 2008

The New York Times

I debated bringing this up as I am not one for shameless self-promotion, but no other ideas for a post are leaping out at me.  Let me give you the timeline first. On Saturday the 26th, I wrote an article over at about the move to make Facebook applications available to websites via a… read more

Computer gaming enthusiasts are an interesting lot. Case in point was a comment I found on this post on Engadget about how people are still flocking to Windows XP, even though time is running out. One commenter mentions how he’s skipped Vista as he prefers a more stable OS to work with. He then received… read more

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While playing a quick game of Halo 3 (you can see my lousy service record here) the other night before bed, I somehow ended up with seven teenagers on my team. Considering the hours I play, that was fairly odd, but no big deal. The problem was 2 of them were female, and that just… read more

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This isn’t the first time that I’ve suspected the RSS feed service, Feeburner, of being on crack. As you can see from the screen shot on the right, no two days in a row show the exact same number. 1/19 – 37 1/20 – 32 1/21 – 35 1/22 – 34 1/23 – 39 1/24… read more

It seems that you are no longer only responsible for your own actions, but also the actions of anyone you befriend on a social network. School resource officer John Nohejl of the New Port Richey Police Department is under criminal investigation is under investigation by the his department and the Florida attorney general’s cyber crimes… read more

So… this picture hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, but it’s looking like the picture to the left is the new Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie they’re working on. (You can click it for a MONDO-sized view) If it is the real deal (which I believe it is), they really are going for the… read more



January 24 2008

The Wire

I came across the unfortunate news that The Wire is losing viewers. Why, I have no clue. With the current writer’s strike going on, you would think people would be starved for new entertainment, and with this being the final season, you would think would be glued to it. For those of you unfamiliar with… read more

In a rare fit of “I have no effin’ clue what to blog about today”, I took a hint from ProBlogger, and threw the question out to my Twitter followers for a suggestion. Low and behold, I got a good one back from Leslie Carbone! Thanks Leslie! It seems that a Ms. Candy Tistadt, the… read more

Well, this sucks. Heath Ledger, star of Brokeback Mountain and the upcoming The Dark Knight, has been found dead in a Manhattan apartment.  The apparent cause of death was some form of cardiac arrest as that’s what the call came into police as at 2:27 PM EST. Considering he was only 28, I hate to… read more


January 21 2008

Cloverfield Review

SPOILER HEAVY – Do not read if you do not wish to be spoiled. It is not a normal review in that it expects you to have seen the movie.… read more

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