January 9 2008

Buffy Season 8, Issue 10


Buffy Season 8, Issue 10Characters Seen:

This was one of those times where Joss Whedon, the series mastermind, writes in such a way that you can tell he enjoys tormenting us. There were flashes of the future, and flashes of the past… and has Joss ever done backflashes that didn’t reveal someone doing something “wrong”? I don’t think so.

We open with Buffy sunbathing on a beach. And Daniel Craig, the actor, preparing to rub sun lotion on her…

Seems that while Buffy and Willow are flying to see a demon (excuse me, as Buffy said, “You’re flying, I’m dangling!”), they decided to play a ‘what’s your fantasy game’. I have to state upfront my rather large disappointment by this sudden jump to going to see a demon. Why are they seeing him? It’s never really said, and it wasn’t mentioned in the previous issue, it feels like we’re missing an “episode”.

So while Buffy and Willow are looking for the demon’s lair, We cut to the castle in Scotland, and Xander has gotten some of the Wiccans to finally cast a growth spell on clothes for Dawn. She finally has more clothes! Dawn goes to open the trunk, not minding that Xander was standing over the hinge, so he falls into her enormous clothes.

Meanwhile, Willow is in a ski chalet with television’s Tina Fey…

Oops, fantasy game again. Buffy asks why not Kennedy, Willow says no significant others in the fantasy game, which Buffy immediately latches on to, asking if she is still significant to Willow. Willow says yes, but they are finally at the lair of Sephrilian, which looks like a tiny guest house with a woman sitting outside. Willow says she’s never met the woman, but she is probably the ‘minder’. It has something to do with the demon living in an unstable reality field.

As they approach the house, Willow greets the minder by the name of “Robin”. Buffy points out that Willow has said she’d never met her, Willow says she will in the future. Gotta love those unstable reality fields! After a brief exchange with Robin, wherein they are told no magic may be used in the field, the girls head into the house to find… an endless staircase. They decide to return to their game to pass the time.

Back in Scotland, Xander is still sitting in the trunk, talking to Dawn as she sorts the clothes. Dawn asks if he’s okay in there, to which he responds “Snug as a bug. It’s nice. And silky in here. Silky and lacy and… frilly… FRILLY! LORD OF HOSTS, I’M IN THE FRILLY!” (it was just a camisole) As he run away, he finds a picture in the chest of Kenny, Dawn’s boyfriend that cast the spell on her.

As Buffy and Willow continue on the stair case, Buffy plays the fantasy game with “Little Women Christian Bale” and “Reign of Fire Christian Bale”. As they come out of the game, Buffy brings up Kennedy again, wondering why Willow never brings her around, and if it’s some sort of shame, not to worry, and she should bring her around and… Buffy is grateful when the demon attacks them. They want to ask him questions, but he says they reek of lies. They ask him what Twilight is and he says it is the end of all magic, the triumph of base humans.

In a quick cut back to Scotland, we learn Dawn cheated on Kenny with his roommate.

Back to the demon, he goes on about how puny humans are, and how their brains can’t contain total awareness, and how they even run from each other, and he decides to show them their own lies.

Buffy is in a bank vault with other Slayers… robbing it. This is the mysterious “benefactor” who backs her war. She tries to defend the moral ambiguity of it all, saying the money is insured, and how some of it was from a Nazi stash. Willow says it doesn’t matter, this is what the enemies saw, Slayers acting above the law, she calls this “the first domino”. And while she talks, we see a Willow “bad thing” of her getting naked with a female demon… Buffy declares Willow’s bad thing better.

Dawn is telling the tale of being at a house party and meeting Kenny’s roommate, and no booze was involved. It does lead to a great Dawn/Xander exchange

Xander: This “Nick” fellah, he was perhaps something of a bad boy?
Dawn: Yeah.
Xander: Cigarettes, dirty hair, didn’t care what anyone thought, never gave you the time of day, but he seemed to be in pain deep down?
Dawn: Yuh-huh
Xander: And for the the big money… did he in any way play in a BAND?”
Dawn: Bass. Vocals. I’m a satan.
Xander: Dawnie, stop. You are hereby found guilty of being a cliche and that’s it!

It went on, but this was such a Xander conversation, you could hear it in your head.

The next Buffy and Willow vision is a place that neither of them recognizes, but Robin shows up and says she didn’t think he’d show them this. Buffy is laying in the mist, clothes torn, bruised, covered in scratches, crying. When Buffy asks what happened Robin says “Betrayal. The closest, the most unexpected.” Robin departs, saying they are about to cause a disruption. Buffy asks Willow if she is the betrayer. Willow says she won’t betray Buffy… any more than she already has.

The scene cuts to Kennedy and Willow arguing, Kennedy wants to know why Willow keeps Kennedy separate from the other Scoobys, and as they argue, Willow reveals she blames herself for Tara’s death. If she hadn’t been obsessesed with bringing Buffy back from the dead, Warren wouldn’t have gotten pissed, and Tara wouldn’t have gotten shot. She says that she chose Buffy over the woman she loved, and she can’t do that again.

The demon reappears, saying that he knows all of their weaknesses now, and soon his brethren will also. Buffy says “Hail mary”. confusing the demon, but as we soon see, it’s code for Willow to cast a spell sword that Buffy catches in mid-air, slicing the demon in two. They get out of the house just as it explodes due to the use of magic inside the field.

Robin says she’s she’s actually grateful to them as it gives her some time off until she is reassigned. The girls walk off.

I still would like to know WHY they went to this particular demon, but oh well.

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