January 12 2008

Gizmodo Gets Their Punishment

GizmodoIn a continuation from yesterday’s story, Gizmodo has had one writer banned from all future the Consumer Electronics Show. Webware has the official announcement.

We have been informed of inappropriate behavior on the show floor by a credentialed media attendee from the Web site Gizmodo, owned by Gawker Media. Specifically, the Gizmodo staffer interfered with the exhibitor booth operations of numerous companies, including disrupting at least one press event. The Gizmodo staffer violated the terms of CES media credentials and caused harm to CES exhibitors. This Gizmodo staffer has been identified and will be barred from attending any future CES events. Additional sanctions against Gizmodo and Gawker Media are under discussion.

You would think that Gizmodo would be taking this whole matter a bit more seriously, but they aren’t. Owen Thomas wrote over at Valleywag, a sister publication to Gizmodo, that this was a “silly stunt”. Brian Lam, editor of Gizmodo, replied with the following comment:

Relax. It was a joke. Just because we don’t do things the way you do, I don’t see why that is stupid. The site has proved its intelligence. Did you see that we got Bill Gates to cop to Vista not being so good today? The point is that if we do things the way you do them at CNet, we’re CNet. If you do things the way Giz and Engadget do them, you’re actually…Crave. (Which I like, and do not call stupid.) Why is this so emotionally disturbing to you both? Motorola, well that was a mistake, as my explicit orders to my video person were to not interrupt press conferences. But that is for me and Moto to sort out tomorrow.

I love that A)he admits this was all done under his orders and B)he still doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see what the problem is with their antics, because in a later comment he even responds to another commenter by saying “Definition of Press to ponies: Compliance with corporate america. Great.”

This has nothing to do with “compliance with corporate America”, this has to do with common sense, decency, and acting like a professional!  From 1992 – 1996, I attended the International Toy Fair in New York City.  I was always there as a journalist, dealing with multi-billion dollar corporations, and standing within centimeters of prototypes that cost tens-of-thousands of dollars.  I would have never dreamed for a second of interfering with their operations or presentations.  It would have been a reflection on me, my employers, and my profession.

What Gizmodo did was so unbelievably angering to me because they don’t see the big picture.  They had their fun, that’s all that matters.  They don’t see that their actions reflect on bloggers as a whole, and does nothing but reinforce the idea that we are immature, unproffesionals that couldn’t get real jobs.  I can’t even describe how much I want to throttle these idiots.

Thanks, Gizmodo.

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  • If someone is incapable of distinguishing between establishing your identity by presenting your content in a unique (and light-hearted or humorous) manner and disrupting an event in a sophomoric manner, I’d be surprised if they were intelligent enough to run a web site successfully.

    I’d wager that the folks at Gizmodo know what they did wrong and are just in defensive mode. They hope to laugh it off and pretend it was no big deal and hope everyone else follows suit.

    I think the best thing you can do to express your disapproval is to never, every read their web site again. Personally, I stopped reading it a long time ago. The worst thing people can do is rush to the site and watch the video or read the posts that track the controversy.

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