January 17 2008

X – Files 2, Star Trek, and Cloverfield Ramblings

X-Files 2Time for yet another random movie post where I ramble endlessly about things that probably only matter to me. Always a good time for you, dear readers.

X-Files 2 is currently filming in Canada, and the studio has seen fit to release four stills from the shoot. Believe me, the one to the left is the most exciting one, but if you want to see them all, here are shots #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Luckily the press release included with the photos indicated that the film is a stand alone story, and has nothing to do with the alien invasion mythos that muddied up a good chunk of the series. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with a show having an overall story arc, I actually prefer it, but when you have one that you can tell they’re making up as they go along, it can be downright painful.

The whole black oil/old-guys-in-suits-who-know-what-it-is storyline just never played right with me, and I always preferred the stand-alone episodes a heck of a lot more. I think it may have worked better had they had it all plotted out, but seeing as the show was on Fox, and you can never count on how long they will let a show run, they probably never saw a point to getting things plotted out.

So, yay to their being a new X-Files story, and even bigger yay to it being a stand-alone!

Movie #2 is the Star Trek prequel J.J. Abrams is behind. An image came out from the teaser trailer (as usual, click for largeness), and I hate to say it, but I’m not sure if a promise of a flight in a real U.S.S. Enterprise could get me excited about this project. JJ's EnteripriseI’m a long time Star Trek fan, but the idea of a series “reboot” for such an iconic series just seems wrong to me. Yes, I realize the franchise is currently in limbo, but did anyone ever think that maybe that’s where it belongs?

The quality of the franchise degraded drastically towards the end, and the last Next Generation movie, which I can not remember the name of to save my life, nor do I feel like looking it up it stunk so bad, coupled with the abomination that was Enterprise, pretty much told everyone what they needed to know: It was time to close up shop for awhile.

So, here we are just a few years later, and we’re going to try to “reboot” the series by bringing us a prequel that fits in some sort of weird limbo between Enterprise and the original series, and gives us the adventures of the young, original crew. Couldn’t we have waited another 5 or 10 years? Why now? Why THIS concept? It’s sophomoric, trite, and been flogged to death as a concept. I guess they are hoping for a nostalgia factor, but for me it smells of desperation.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants to call this Star Trek Babies

CloverfieldLast, but not least, is Cloverfield. I’ve been so stoked for this movie, but now that I have seen a spoiler shot of the monster (no, I am not ruining it for people)… I’m passing.

I don’t really care what format you shoot a monster movie in, and this one does have a cool concept, if the monster isn’t a kick-ass design, then it’s just not going to matter. From what I have seen of it, the descriptions I’ve read and heard, they missed the mark and it comes off more as goofy than cool.

Sure, Godzilla was always a man in a suit, but you didn’t care because he had a T-Rex vibe going.  (and no, I am not counting that craptastic American remakeGamera may have been a turtle, but he was a FLYING turtle… okay, possibly a bad example.  You have to enjoy the monster design though to enjoy a MONSTER movie, and if it comes off as goofy, then… it’s just plain old goofy.

No matter how Abrams may have tried to make this movie about people surviving, he should have realized that people were still going to care what the monster looked like.  I think that may have also been why he hid this monster so much and distracted us with so much viral marketing (which, has now been learned has about zero impact on the plot) was to keep us from seeing the incredibly silly design.  I’ve heard some talk that he brought in various animal experts to help with the realism of the monster, and make it believable.

… did someone forget to tell him it’s a frikkin’ monster movie?  WE DON’T CARE IF IT’S “REALISTIC”!

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