January 25 2008

New Star Trek Movie Is Making Me Nervous

Enterprise SmallSo… this picture hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, but it’s looking like the picture to the left is the new Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie they’re working on. (You can click it for a MONDO-sized view) If it is the real deal (which I believe it is), they really are going for the re-imagining route. There are some large changes to the nacelles, and the primary hull (the neck down) has lots of new tweaks.

Yes, it is basically the Enterprise, but if you’re doing a prequel, why change it at all?  Take for instance the bottom of the saucer neck, that looks to be photon torpedo tubes like the ship had in all of the movies.  The TV series didn’t have that, so I’m guessing the Enterprise once had it… they cut it off for a few years… then put is back on?  Er…

New Enterprise CorridorsNow, the pic to the right is an official shot, and 100% confirmed, of the new corridors of the Enterprise.  You have to jump through some hoops to get to it, but it does come from an official source.  (For those who can’t remember what the old corridors look like, I made a comparison shot)  Yes, it looks like JJ Abrams is going “viral” even with the marketing for Star Trek.

I don’t know why this whole concept is bothering me so much, but I just think there are certain things that should be left alone.  Yes, the original series looks dated, but so what?  It was never a show about the sets or locales, it was about good stories and characters you cared about, and the Enterprise was one of those characters.  To change something that so many people grew up with just seems wrong.  Never mind this all looks a little too much like the 5th television series, Enterprise, for my tastes.

It could also be this is coming from J.J. Abrams who just gave us the much hyped, but really pretty much sucked, monster film Cloverfield, and my view may be tainted.  I fear that Mr. Abrams is turning into the next M. Night Shyamalan where people confuse style for talent.

Only time will tell, but I’m getting less enthused by the day.

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