January 30 2008

The New York Times

The New York TimesI debated bringing this up as I am not one for shameless self-promotion, but no other ideas for a post are leaping out at me.  Let me give you the timeline first.

On Saturday the 26th, I wrote an article over at about the move to make Facebook applications available to websites via a Java Client Library.  The news had been announced late on Friday, and we followed up on it Saturday morning.

At some point (no time stamp provided) Computerworld wrote a very brief article about the news, and it was primarily made up of quotes from blogs, with quotes from my piece taking up a large amount of the piece.

On Tuesday night I got an instant message from Pete Cashmore, the owner of Mashable, asking me about my being mentioned on The New York Times website.  As I had no clue what he was talking about, my eloquent reply was, “huh?” He pointed me to this post on their website.  Apparently Computerworld has a syndicated article deal in place with The New York Times, and so this caused my name and quotes to appear on the site.

While it’s not quite as cool as an actual reporter from the paper picking up the quotes, at least I can still say I was on their site!

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