Adam Ostrow over at was the one to bring the “beta” coffee offer from Joffrey’s Coffee to my attention. The idea is simple in that up to 10,000 bloggers can go to their site, fill out the form, and not only will you get some free coffee, but you’ll also get a link back… read more


Before I even begin this, let me stress that my dislike of Oprah Winfrey has nothing to do with her being African-American.  I bring this up because the last time I made an off-hand comment about Star Jones, I had to spend the next day explaining how my dislike had nothing to do with her… read more


It happened the other night, I was watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2, and I realized I have officially become old. As regular readers know, I have been a faithful viewer of Big Brother since season 1 (though I skipped season 2 as I hated the format change), and each season I complain… read more


Steve Ballmer is a moron. I’m not sure why Microsoft allows their CEO to ever interact with the public because all he ends up doing is embarrassing himself or the company. This time he decided it was a good idea to imply that iPod users, such as myself, are nothing but thieves. While at a… read more


No matter what you may think of YouTube, the idea that Pakistan could take down the site globally is frightening in it’s ramifications for the Internet as a whole. The whole debacle started on Friday when Pakistan ordered access to YouTube be blocked due to videos including the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that caused… read more


As I’ve mentioned before, my company warehouse is only 300 feet from my house. That being the case, I have a tendency to wander back and forth during the day, which makes it difficult sometimes for people to guess which location I’m at, and hence which phone number they should call.  I’ve often thought it… read more

The Mafia has had a broad history in film and on television, and one thing that has always bothered me is how fans always seem to focus only on the violence in the stories. True, the mob life is a violent one, but there is so much more to it then just that. Just like… read more



February 22 2008

My name

What exactly is my name? Well, it’s Sean P. Aune… not Sean PAune… which I get a lot due to the domain name and my email addresses. And the “P.” is for “Patrick”. I’m used to people screwing up the pronunciation of my last name, but it’s when people screw up my first name that… read more

The Parents Television Council is back… oh how I have missed them. Mind you, my true love is the American Family Association, but they have been oddly quiet lately. (Call me? I miss your nuttiness) For those unfamiliar with them, the PTC is one of those groups that is convinced they know what’s best for… read more


While it’s not clear if anyone has actually requested a refund for buying an HD DVD player yet, Toshiba is making sure every one knows it’s not going to happen. They also said there won’t be any “sweetners” because the equipment still has an “inherent value” in that it can play CDs, DVDs, and your… read more


We all dream about getting to our destinations faster, but isn’t there a point when we go too fast? Reaction Engines in Oxfordshire, England are working on a hydrogen-fueled concept plane that would have a sustainable speed of 3,800 miles-per-hour.  In loose translation, you would be flying at Mach 5, and could get from England… read more

As was speculated the other day, HD DVD is dead.  Toshiba has made the official announcement in Tokyo just a few minutes ago. Oh well,  I should have known I would be the curse that would kill it, but what ya gonna do? Now… bring on the clearance sales so I can pick up some… read more

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