February 1 2008


Microsoft-YahooDid anything other than Microsoft-Yahoo happen in the world today?

For those of you who slept through the day, Microsoft is looking to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion dollars. It sent the tech world in to a tizzy, and I got to spend my day doing round ups of the coverage. It was tiring as hell, but we got it done.

So, yeah, that’s kinda it, I’m not done working, but I just couldn’t let the day pass without saying I’m truly sick of talking “Microhoo!” already. You can follow my mini coverage at Microsoft-Yahoo: The Timeline Of A Deal and Microsoft-Yahoo: The Complete Coverage. (image credit to… someone at Mashable… not sure if it was Stan or Adam who did it, but one of ’em) I will probably post my thoughts on it sometime this weekend.

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