February 4 2008

The New York Giants Did Win… Right?

New York GiantsI skipped the Super Bowl because, well, football bores the living heck out of me.  As I was working a way, someone on Twitter said that after the Giants won, the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, acted like a really sore loser.  As displays like that always interest me, I decided to check out ESPN later in the evening, and in all the time I watched, it was more like hearing the eulogy of the Patriots than anything else.

Now, excuse me, I really could care less about either tam, but shouldn’t it be the Giants night to shine?  Instead, all I got to hear was whining and moaning about how the Patriots had missed out on some piece of history for an undefeated record.  They lost, MOVE ON!  No matter how you slice it though, the night should have all been about the Giants and they’re win, but no, no, let’s sit around and cry over something they just simply didn’t happen.

This all goes back to my basic problem with American Football in that the championship system makes no sense to me.  If you have a bad day on game day, that’s it, too bad.  While real Football (sigh… soccer for those who don’t get it) uses a system that every point you score during the season matters.  Perhaps if football didn’t all come down to one ludicrous game that people treat like some insane resolution of a war,  maybe the Giants would have gotten the accolades they deserved last night as opposed to muscle-bound men looking like they were on verge of tears because the Patriots didn’t get their precious undefeated season.  (and before any Patriot’s fans try to skin me, let me make it perfectly clear I am not berating you or the team, but the silliness of “news” casters looking visibly upset over it)

Let the Giants have their moment in the sun and you can all armchair quarterback the Patriots in a day or two, but show some respect to the team that won… or switch to a more sensible system of determining your champion…

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