February 6 2008

Buffy Season 8, Issue 11


Buffy Season 8, Issue 11Characters Seen:

Buffy remembers when she did something good.

More to the point, she remembers how she did good, but not alone, and how she empowered girls all over the world with powers and confidence. She thinks about this over flashes of her past deeds, of her fighting evil, of training the new Slayers, but now she knows that may have gone too far.

Two of the Slayers under Andrew’s command have gone rouge, and they’ve joined up with three unknown Slayers. They’re on video surveillance tape stealing a large supply of guns and ammunition. Buffy is none too pleased, and Xander feels they have to stop them before the military’s concern about Slayer’s taking over the planet becomes a reality.

Buffy feels guilt, and she now agrees with Willow that her “Thomas Crown affair” set a bad example for the other Slayers, that she had no right to do what she did. (Hey… what a concept there)

Xander asks if that was why Willow left so suddenly, and Buffy informs him that it’s “complicated girl stuff.” Xander informs Buffy he needs a man… “I mean a guy. Not a man, a guy, for the guy bonding.” (I’ve missed awkward Xander) As they walk away, Xander informs Buffy he’s found a large nest of vampires and she should take another slayer with her; she opts for Satsu, the oriental Slayer who kissed her a few issues back to bring her out of her dreams. Buffy says she does good work and that they need to talk, that it’s more complicated girl stuff.

As we close out the pre-vampire nest stuff, Buffy and Xander find the Slayers partying with Dawn in the castle, where she is tearing open beer kegs with her bare hands. Buffy is concerned about her underage sister drinking, but Xander informs her that she is of age in Scotland, and that everyone needs to let their hair down… including Buffy.

Buffy is wearing some sort of armor, hopping over walls, and once she lands on the ground, she stares at her watch… until Satsu falls face first in to a puddle of mud next to her. They discuss how Satsu needs to practice more, and speed up, but Buffy feels she has a shot at leading this group of Slayers someday. As Buffy wipes mud off her Satsu’s face, she tells her the second rule of being a Slayer is not landing on her face. Satsu asks if they skipped number one, to which Buffy replies, “Number one is you are always in danger. Right now, you’re in terrible danger.” Satsu asks her why, and Buffy replies, while throwing Satsu towards the vamps, “Because you’re in love with me.”

It dawns on Satsu that it was her cinnamon flavored lip gloss that gave her away, but Buffy tells her to relax, she would have figured it out eventually. Mind you, all of this is going on while they are dusting vamps, another thing I’ve missed from the show: witty banter as they slay. Satsu worries, as she beheads a vamp, that Buffy will kick her out now that she knows, Buffy says that she actually finds it very sweet. A vampire says the sweetest thing will be the taste of her blood… Buffy is pissed he interrupted their talk.

As the fight progresses, Buffy tells Satsu that she knows it’s not just a crush because otherwise her kiss wouldn’t have worked. With all the vamps gone, Satsu states that Buffy isn’t gay, to which Buffy replies, “Not so you’d notice.” She tells the other Slayer she is flattered, and it makes her feel less alone, but that Satsu needs to understand that bad things happen to people who love her. They die, they go to hell dimensions, they always leave her, and just as she starts to cry… Twilight flies directly into her stomach, sending her crashing through a tomb.

At last Buffy is face-to-face with season 8’s big bad, as he tells her he can’t stand when she mopes, Satsu attacks, only to be swatted away like a fly, and badly injured. Buffy attacks him, but he flies off with her in his arms, they fight in mid-air as Twilight informs her he had come to talk, but that her whining had annoyed him. He picks up a church roof and hurls it at Buffy as she says, “Go ahead. Chruch me. Plenty more where I came from.”

This leads to Twilight finally explaining that is the problem. That the world was fine when there was just one Slayer.

Well, that’s the issue, isn’t it?

One Slayer was all right, but all these girls…

…The world can’t contain them, and they will suffer for that.

I’ll not kill you now. My first gift is my last. I know that you meant well.

But you have brought about disaster, and it falls to me to avert it.

It finally dawns on Buffy that this is Twilight, but he leaves her with the question of if having all these Slayers has really helped anything. Buffy returns to Satsu to find she’s alive, while Twilight returns to his military cronies and assortment of demons. As he tells them that Buffy has always believed she is right, and that if there is anything to know about the Slayer… the mask is coming off! THE MASK IS COMING OFF!… it’s… “-scratching sound effect- Sorry, itchy neck, where was I?”

klhgbklbfhklhbbdf damn you, Joss! (even though he didn’t write this issue) All we saw was a chin, and it did look distinctly male.

Buffy is sitting on Satsu’s bed in the castle’s medical ward. They talk briefly, and Satsu asks how Buffy is, Buffy says that she’ll heal… we’ll heal.

Buffy and Xander talk, and Buffy asks if they really are doing good. Xander says she only needs to look around, and feel the confidence in the castle to know that, but Buffy says she can’t feel the connection, to which Xander theorizes the girl who starts it may not get to. After a pause, Buffy says, “Yay me.”

Next issue starts a new arc of Buffy in Japan with Asian vampires… should be interesting.

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