February 7 2008

Sansa TakeTV Video Player

Sansa TakeTV Video PlayerI’ve been wanting to get a Sansa TakeTV 8 GB Video Player for ages. There is also a 4 GB version, but as it’s $99, and the 8 GB is $149, I opted for the 8 GB.

So, what exactly does it do? I’m so glad you asked!

Downloading videos (legal ones, of course) from the web is fun and easy, but then you don’t always want to sit in front of your computer to watch the file.  It’s not where or body is trained to watch video, and it’s never really your “comfy chair”.  True, you can set up most laptops to play videos on a TV, but then you are without your laptop while you watch.  (Sue me, I always have my laptop in my lap while I watch TV)

The TakeTV eliminates all of these problems and lets you put files on it, then just plug them in and play them to your television set.  The main portion of the device works just like a USB drive in that you plug it into your computer, move the files on to it, then eject it.  You then plug the drive in to an adapter attached to your TV, use the included remote/drive case, and you’re watching yoru AVI, DivX, Mpeg4 files with little, to no hassle.  It truly is even easier than it sounds, and I am beyond thrilled with it.

True, the image does not fill my entire 32″ screen, but that’s done to maintain image quality, which is surprisingly good.  The only flaw I have found so far is a problem with playing some files I was sent from England, but I suspect it was the way they were encoded.  The remote does leave something to be desired, and is a bit of an awkward fit in the hand, but once you start the file, there’s not much need for playing with it.

Sansa TakeTV PartsThe device is far from perfect, and I am sure there will be some revisions to it down the road, but for now, it was just what I was looking for, and I can finally get caught up some of the backlog of video files people send me for various reasons.

If you’re wondering about other content for you to be able to use with it, SanDisk, the manufacturer, also launched a download service named Fanfare.  They offer programs from CBS, NBC, Showtime, and more, and most episodes run a $1.99 each.  Right now, for some odd reason, all the Showtime shows are free, so I’m loading up on Dexter season 1, which I have been meaning to watch forever.

You can find out more about everything you need to know at, but for now, I do recommend it for the video junkies out there such as myself.

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