February 17 2008

Toshiba To Pull The Plug On HD DVD

Well, it isn’t 100% official yet, but it looks like Toshiba is prepared to pull the plug on HD DVD fairly soon.

I knew this was coming once Warner Brothers said it was going Blu-ray only, it was just a matter of when. Last week was the killing blow when Netflix said it was dumping the format, and then Wal-Mart also announced they were. Seeing as Wal-Mart had been one of the biggest pushers of HD DVD, their departure pretty much sealed the fate of the format.

So, what do I do now? It’s too late to return my Toshiba HD-A35, and that’s fine, I just view it as having a really nice DVD player with upconversion.

When will I go Blu-ray?  Well, this brings me back to why I went HD DVD in the first place, and the fact that the format isn’t finished yet.  Profile 2.0, the firmware that will catch Blu-ray to where HD DVD was at launch, isn’t due for release until October of this year.  So, the first wave of Profile 2.0 players come out, they’ll be high priced through th holidays for sure, you’re looking at 2009 for the price drop.

Great, well, at least I’ll enjoy the HD DVDs I bought already and just bide my time again.  Still, an interesting war to watch play out, too bad it’s over.

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