February 18 2008

Laptop Debates

Dell VostroIt’s that time again… computer buying time.

For the most part, my Compaq Presario V2000 has served me well, but I am in to so much heavy blogging work in the evenings now that I am starting to see a lot of sluggishness. Also, if I want to stay with Windows XP, I need to do this before they stop selling it on June 30th. So now comes the age old question of what do I go with?

I’m leaning towards staying with Win XP only because A) Vista will give me headaches and B) Mac Book Pros START at $1,999. For now I’m looking at a Dell Vostro 1500, but I am open to suggestions as to make and models. I’m thinking Dell because I’ve been happy with the last two desktops I bought from them, and I like the idea that the Vostros come with with no pre-installed trialware.

So let’s hear from you! What brand do you swear by? What model? How would you configure a new laptop? Yes, I’ll even entertain thoughts on talking me into a $2,000 Mac Book Pro, hit me up with all of your thoughts!

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  • Roy

    MacBook Pro. There is no other.

    BTW, what with all those trackbacks you get instantly. You doing that yourself?

  • Roy – No, they’re freaking splogs, which I am constantly trying to fight off. They’re pissing me off.

  • Contrary Jack

    I’ve had my little IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad for two years and I still love it. It has been super reliable (except for that time in South Korea–but one failure very early in a relationship only strengthens the relationship, right?)

    It is small and zippy. Somewhat more zippy if you don’t upgrade to Office 2007, but still not awful.

    It is 1) not a game machine, 2) not a movie-watching machine (no internal optical drive–I have the tablet model), 3) security- and reliability-obsessed–airbags, thumbprint reader, all that.

    If I could buy a Toyota computer, I would. Until I can, I love my Lenovo.


  • Jack – No optical drive? How do you install software? You’re the second person to recommend a Thinkpad though. Intriguing.

  • Roy

    They have a external optical drive option or you can always just share out an optical drive on your network. Usually what I do is to copy all my software from disc to a network drive so all my computers can access and install. It works for most things except for Windows Vista.

    I have an older Thinkpad at home, T30, and have used many Thinkpads at work. My current work laptop is a LenovoX60. They are good laptops but I have to say that the quality since Lenovo took over has dramatically degraded. This is most noticable in the keyboard. IBM thinkpad keyboards were the best but now the Lenovo keyboards leave you wanting. Something about the plastic they use…

    You might want to consider the new Lenovo X300 which looks like it would kick MacBook Air’s butt in the spec department.

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