February 18 2008

Laptop Debates

Dell VostroIt’s that time again… computer buying time.

For the most part, my Compaq Presario V2000 has served me well, but I am in to so much heavy blogging work in the evenings now that I am starting to see a lot of sluggishness. Also, if I want to stay with Windows XP, I need to do this before they stop selling it on June 30th. So now comes the age old question of what do I go with?

I’m leaning towards staying with Win XP only because A) Vista will give me headaches and B) Mac Book Pros START at $1,999. For now I’m looking at a Dell Vostro 1500, but I am open to suggestions as to make and models. I’m thinking Dell because I’ve been happy with the last two desktops I bought from them, and I like the idea that the Vostros come with with no pre-installed trialware.

So let’s hear from you! What brand do you swear by? What model? How would you configure a new laptop? Yes, I’ll even entertain thoughts on talking me into a $2,000 Mac Book Pro, hit me up with all of your thoughts!

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