February 22 2008

My name

SeanPAune.comWhat exactly is my name?

Well, it’s Sean P. Aune… not Sean PAune… which I get a lot due to the domain name and my email addresses. And the “P.” is for “Patrick”. I’m used to people screwing up the pronunciation of my last name, but it’s when people screw up my first name that I go “Really? Have you never heard of Sean Connery? Sean Penn? Sean Young… okay, yeah, bad example.”

So, for the record:

Sean – pronounced “Shawn”

Aune – It depends on where you are. We pronounce it “ON…e”. The Word “ON”… the letter “e”, not “one” like the number. It’s a Norwegian name, and they pronounce it “Ah-v-knee”. Apparently in Norway it’s as common as “Smith”, but not so much here.

Now, why am I a pretentious bastard and insist on using my middle initial? That was a decision I made when I opened my business, and it carried forward in to my writing career. “Sean Aune” just looks too short to me, and with people messing up pronouncing either one or both of them, I wanted something in there they could at least identify. That, and I’m proud of my Irish heritage, but “Sean Patrick Aune” would just be too much to go by, and in a domain name?  It would be awkward at best, so it was.  I’ve also purchased, and it points here as well, but it will always be known as my full name with middle initial.

In all the times I’ve looked around the web, I’ve only ever found one other “Sean Aune”, and he’s a Canadian. The funny part is I found a news piece about his being the captain of a Curling team back in the 1990’s, and apparently still plays. I find this amusing only because I happen to love Curling and would love to play it someday.  What an coincidence.

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