February 27 2008

I Think I Have Officially Become Old

Big Brother 9It happened the other night, I was watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime 2, and I realized I have officially become old.

As regular readers know, I have been a faithful viewer of Big Brother since season 1 (though I skipped season 2 as I hated the format change), and each season I complain about “the hamsters”, the Internet nickname for the Houseguests. Well, this year, I think the casting people finally went too far.

There has always been a sense that the producers hoped for “wild and crazy” times, and, true, we did get a streaking man last season (Zach), and back in Big Brother 4, we got full on sex (David & Amanda), but this season… let’s see, where do I even start?

The concept alone, “Til Death Do Us Part”, pairs each contestant with another one, and they work together, get nominated together, evicted together, and, oh yeah, have to sleep in the same bed. Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t matched everyone up with their “soulmate” that the producers picked for them.

Matt & NatalieWe have Natalie, the former stripper/Hooters Girl, who had a boob job that looks like 2 oranges were shoved in to her chest. She has had two abortions, but attends church regularly. (I’m not making a judgment call on her abortions or church going, but don’t the two kinda contradict each other?) And thus far this season she has… er… “orally pleasured” her partner in the game, Matt, at least twice. (they’re pictured to the right here)

The most infamous Houseguest so far this season has to be Adam. Up until today, Adam worked in public relations for the United Autism Foundation. Notice I said “up until today”, because when Adam leaves the house, he will discover he has been fired from his due to referring to people with Autism as “retards” while in the house. It may have been excused as an off handed comment, but when some of the other Hamsters called him on such a comment, he said he could call them whatever he wants because he works with them. This comment also led to Lowes pulling ads from the show, so I’m sure CBS is none too thrilled with him either.

This is not to mention the massive make out party in the pool between Adam, Alex, Chelsia (who was topless), James (who was naked), Joshuah, Matt, Natalie (who was topless), and Sharon. This was all preceded by a strip off between Chelsia and Natalie which set off the entire night.

Yep, it’s official, I’m old. All this did was make me shake my head and wonder about these “kids” today.  This isn’t to mind all the talk of rampant drug use discussion (marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy), not in the house mind you, just in general, and you have to wonder where casting finds these people.  True, you have to be a fairly large narcissist to go on a show such as this, but this whole cast just takes the cake for insanity.

And I know what you all will say, “Sean, just stop watching!”, and I’m trying, but it’s like a train wreck!  I can’t not look at the gore!

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