As I’ve said before, I get into some weird shows, but some of them are just downright fascinating with more of a documentary feel to them. Sure, some people could label them as “reality shows”, but these I watch more for learning about history, jobs, ways of life, etc. As always, let me add the… read more


March 30 2008

What Do You Want?

Back in December I posted my Blogging Goals For 2008, and one of them was about finding my niche. Finding my niche – For too long I have meandered hither and from with my content. The idea that I could write about whatever was on mind my day that was just too enticing, and I… read more

Here we go again: teachers having sex with students. Three of them have been arrested in two weeks. The really scary part is that all three cases took place in the Tampa, Florida area, the same place that Debra Lafave took part in her tryst in 2005. So, let’s break down the latest scums, going… read more

Back on March 6th, Apple released their SDK (Software Developers Kit) for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  This finally allows people to create third-party applications for these devices, and come June, we’ll get the 2.0 version of the firmware to allow you to install them into your gadgets. So, now that I finally have an… read more



March 27 2008

Random Funny

My folks are currently in Washington state on business, and since they drove there, they had me checking weather for them. They were especially worried about going through Snoqualmie Pass as it is still getting snow. Well, the state of Washington has web cameras up so you can see what is going on live, but… read more

I’m not sure who I first heard make the analogy that reality TV was the modern day equivalent of the Roman colosseum, but truer words have never been said.  As I’ve mentioned before, I watch Big Brother (BB).  I’ve been a fan since season 1, but I have seen it sliding deeper and deeper into… read more


Due to a reduction in its budget,the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is having to find another $4 million USD to cut somewhere from their projects. Now, call me insane, but I would think you would cut the funding from a project that isn’t working quite right, or one you haven’t even launched yet,… read more

It seems that it doesn’t seem to matter who is running LiveJournal (LJ), they inevitably do something to anger their user base. Under the Six Apart ownership, you had the deletion of accounts without mercy and the removal of “pornography”. They finally sold off the blogging site to a Russian company named SUP in December… read more


Movies TV

March 23 2008


As you all know, I love talking about movies and television, but several times I have run up against plot specifics that would seem to be safe, and it turns out I am running spoilers for some people. This has been most evident with Luis from BlogD as he is in Japan and gets shows… read more



March 22 2008


I’ve been getting numerous phone calls and emails asking if I am near the current flooding in my state, and I can thankfully report that I am not. All of it is at the opposite end of the state from me, and seems to be fairly isolated. This seems like an interesting time to bring… read more


March 21 2008

G.I. Joe Movie

I was insane as a kid for the G.I. Joe toy line. Like… certifiably insane. I thought it was about the coolest thing ever after Star Wars, and it even gave the space saga a run for its money at times. Not long ago I blogged about the re-launch of the toy line, and what… read more

In an article on TechCrunch yesterday, Michael Arrington, founder of the site, talked about blogs raising more funding, and one of the problems he listed was the rates bloggers are expecting to be paid working at the big name sites. Writers suddenly want to be paid market wages, far above the $5 per post that… read more

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