March 2 2008

Here Comes WordPress 2.5

Jo pointed this post out in her post this weekend, and boy am I excited for WordPress 2.5 now!

It appears they are finally taking into consideration that those of us who had to install WP by hand may be getting a bit tired of installing every update they release in the same manner.  Speaking as someone who has been doing it for a few years… yes… I am VERY tired of doing it every few months!  So, it appears they are finally adding an automated update system for those of us who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to use things like Fantastico or some other one-click system.

There’s also going to be updates to the layout of the admin section, which I just got the old one working the way I wanted, of course.

March 10th is D-Day, and you should definitely run by Blog Herald and check out what the changes are that are coming up.

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