March 3 2008

Handy Switch

Handy SwitchWho buys this… er… “stuff”? Obviously someone buys it, I just want to know who!

The Handy Switch is the latest offering from my favorite huckster, Billy Mays. The idea is you plug the receiver into the wall socket, plug the lamp into the receiver, and when you throw the switch, the light goes on from up to 60 feet away.

Okay, not a bad idea, but someone got the bright idea to make the switch look like a normal sized wall switch. The theory is you can use the adhesive to stick it to the wall and no one will know the difference. Well, the problem is that in the TV ad you can clearly sticks out from the wall a good inch or more. They try not to focus the camera on it, but you catch it.

The part that kills me is seeing the people walk around holding the huge thing in their hand, smiling as they happily throw the switch while standing 2 feet away from the lamp. You know it would be impossible to lean over and turn it on! I especially love the woman in the TV ad that uses it to turn off the lamp on her nightstand. She’s stuck the stupid thing to the TOP of her nightstand and uses it to turn off the lamp… RIGHT NEXT TO IT!

If you like this thing, fine, more power to you, but seriously, who watches TV late at night and goes, “I have to have the fake light switch!” Ugh.

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