March 7 2008

Buffy Season 8, Issue 12


Buffy Season 8, Issue 12Characters Seen:

This issue launches a new story arc called “Wolves At The Gate“, and this issue alone had a little bit of everything: sex, farce, comedy, bees… the usual.

Renee, the Slayer that Xander has the hots for, is on watch duty at the Scottish castle, and asks Xander to confirm that there are wolves at the gate… literally. With Xander’s lack of depth perception, due to his missing eye, he thinks it may be panthers. They go back and forth, but the basic issue is, Renee thinks no one trusts her since the zombie attack back in the first issues of the series. Xander informs her he is merely there because he likes spending time with her.

Cut to an obviously post-coital scene of Buffy saying “wow” a lot to Satsu, the Asian Slayer who loves her, as they lay, naked, in bed together.

Cut to Andrew acting out Lois Lane fantasies from the first Superman movie as Willow flies him to the castle. She informs him that most people scream, he informs her he took a lot of Dramamine. As they land at the castle, Willow offers him a tour, but he says he’s wobbly and wants to sleep. Willow says no problem as a fog appears around her head, suddenly taking the form of an Asian woman, who covers Willow’s mouth.

Renee and Xander agree to finally go on a date, but after they deal with the wolf problem, and continue to have some banter with each other. As they walk away, fog follows them.

Satsu asks Buffy how they handle tomorrow. Buffy over reacts and suspects this means she was bad in bed, and how there isn’t a manual for things like this… Satsu informs her there is… Buffy says she hasn’t read it. Satsu finally calms her and tells her she was great. Buffy says they need to play it by ear, and it may have been a one night thing, she doesn’t know yet. Satsu offers to leave, but Buffy says she can stay until morning, but they shouldn’t tell anyone about this yet, and…

Xander barges in blabbering about wolves. Once he spots the bed, he screams “OH MERCIFUL ZEUS!” and slaps a hand over his remaining eye, claiming to have seen nothing. Buffy screams for him to leave.

Renee comes in asking if they should sound the alarm, to which Xander says, “I wasn’t aware we had an alarm for this, but yes, sound the alarm.” Renee spots Satsu, they say hello to each other as Buffy falls out of bed, screaming for everyone to leave…

Andrew walks in saying he’s not sure how much Dramamine he took, but he just saw wolves in the hall. Buffy screams his name, Andrew replies, “Oh, hi Buffy. Hi, nude Asian girl.” Buffy again screams for everyone to leave…

As Dawn looks in the window, informing Buffy that the barn she sleeps in (remember, she’s still a giant) is filled with bees and… “OH MY GOD, BUFFY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!”

Buffy: This isn’t what it looks like!
Xander: Oh, thank god. This is a dream.
Renee: I don’t think it’s a dream.
Xander: No, I’ve had this one before. You’re here. They’re here. I’m just gonna sit in the corner and wait for Willow to arrive.

Willow crashes through the ceiling. She tells Buffy they’re under attack, and, “Why are you naked in bed with Satsu?”

Buffy goes looking for the wolves.

At the armory door, a wolf appears… turn into a man… turns into fog and goes under the door, retrieving Buffy’s scythe she uses (look below at the cover at the first trade paperback). Another man appears from fog and confirms the Slayers are stronger than they thought. Buffy shows up, a fight ensues, one of the men turns into a cat and makes off with the scythe, the other waves to Buffy and vanishes.

The Slayers meet to discuss what happened. Buffy says none of the shapeshifting makes sense, they haven’t seen it before. Willow looks at Buffy and Satsu, “Believe me, nothing seems to make sense tonight.”

They all agree they have to hunt down the Japanese vampires, but they aren’t sure about this shapeshifting issue, it’s a new problem. As Buffy and Willow debate “Since when do vampires turn into wolves… or panthers… or fog…”, they slowly turn their heads to stare at Xander. “What? Why’s everybody stating at… aw, crap.”

Xander and Renee are in a helicopter, she informs Xander this wasn’t her idea for their date. He says it wasn’t his either, but he needs someone to watch him as he goes “wonky” around this guy. They land and Renee asks questions as they approach a castle door. “How wonky?”

Xander knocks, the door opens…

“Hello, manservant.”

“Hello… master.”

Yep… Dracula is back.

An excellent issue overall, I honestly didn’t want it to end. I love Xander, and he was very “on spot” this issue. The farce scene of everyone walking into Buffy’s room would have worked beautifully on screen. Still not sure about her sleeping with Satsu, but overall, this is what this comic should be like.

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