March 11 2008

The Power Of Sex

SpitzerWhen are people in the public eye going to learn? If you are a well-known person, someone in power, someone famous, there are always going to be those that enjoy watching your fall from grace. True, in the case of Governor Elliot Spitzer, the sting was set up to go after the call girls, and he got caught up in it, but it doesn’t matter, don’t be an idiot.

This seemingly never-ending stream of public officials that get caught up in sex scandals just amazes me. Do none of them pay attention to the stories of those that have gotten caught before them? What makes them think, “Well, sure, so-and-so got caught, but I’m too smart for that.” Newsflash: you’re not. I don’t care how smart you think you are, no matter what makes you think “oh, it won’t happen to me”, just don’t. Stop embarrassing yourself, your family, your staffers, and most importantly, the people who elected you.

Then comes the public “mea culpa” after the outing of your doings. Who wrote the law that the wife has to stand around as Silda Wall Spitzer did? What moron decided that every wife of a politician caught up in a sex scandal has to say the same, tired line about “standing by their man”? FORGET THAT! HE CHEATED ON YOU WITH A PROSTITUTE! Throw his clothes out on the mansion lawn like any self respecting woman should, and tell him he can go live with her if she’s so wonderful.

The other day I said I don’t trust anyone that chooses to run for President, but now I really think it stretches to anyone that runs for any political office. I just don’t get it, do they lose all common sense the moment they declare they are running for an elected seat? It’s all shameful and disgusting. Yes, I realize they are all just human, but, funny, somehow I’ve managed to get to 36-years-old without once considering hiring a prostitute, surely if I can do it, so can they.

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