March 12 2008

Three Years

cupcakeWell, I made it… 1,096 days, or three years (remember… leap year), of non-stop blogging of at least one entry per day. True, I wonder why I do it some days, but it has become more like breathing at this point, I just do it so naturally now, I barely think about it. I wake up, I start looking for something that pisses me off so I can write about it and keep my cantankerous old man lovable reputation that has gotten me so far in life.

I actually have been trying to be a little less of an angry bastard as of late.  Okay, notice I said “trying”, it’s a bit like getting off of drugs: I make it a couple of days, and then someone does something so monumentally stupid, I just have to make a comment lest my head explode.  I mean, really, do you want to see my head explode?  I know you don’t, so think of it as some form of odd therapy that keeps me alive.

Do I think I’ll keep going?  I don’t see why I wouldn’t.  I’m going to be awfully perturbed if I end up missing a day for some silly reason down the road.  Mind you I have missed a day here or there due to my cable going down, but I went ahead and wrote them offline and posted when the cable came back up.  Sadly I only have one broadband option where I live, and it sucks, so what can you do?

So, I would say “Here’s to another year!”, but at this point I’ll try not to jinx myself and enjoy I made it this long.

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  • Roy

    I'll give you a million dollars if you stop blogging.

    Seriously though, I read a recent study by technorati and some Swiss psychological institute where they did a long term study of 1000 or so regular bloggers and how happy they were. The findings were that there is a direct correlation between blogs that are religiously updated and the bloggers happiness, or unhappiness. The conclusion is that the passionate blogger is at the computer more hours per day rather than doing other things like exercising or talking with friends which over a long period of time led to a more negative state of mind and overall depression. They did however find that bloggers who only posted twice a week to be five times happier than those who posted three times a week. And that twice a week was a moderate amount of blogging that would allow a person to continue without any long term mental disorder.

    So instead of blogging everyday, you should blog only twice a week. And the rest of the time go hang with friends at the mall. You'll lead a more satisfying life.

    BTW, what I just said is complete BS. I made it all up ;-)

  • Congrats, that’s pretty impressive! I’ve just started reading a few months ago and like what you have. Good work and keep it up!

  • Congratulations! I know exactly what that’s like! To be honest, I hadn’t been keeping track of your progress, so I was taken by surprise when you announced that.

    As for me, I’m sweating it out until this August, 138 days from now. That’ll be five years straight without a break… at which time I’m going to not worry if I miss a day here or there.

    Part of that is that five years is a round number… more than that, it’d take five more years to reach the next notable landmark… and more than that, I’m just getting tired some days, struggling more and more to find something to say. Not that the exercise of finding that thing isn’t useful–I just think that I’ve had enough useful exercise for a while. That said, the election will probably be more than enough to keep daily blogging up a few months beyond that deadline.

    Any thoughts as to how long you intend to keep this up? What’s your purpose, and when will that purpose have been served?

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