March 12 2008

Three Years

cupcakeWell, I made it… 1,096 days, or three years (remember… leap year), of non-stop blogging of at least one entry per day. True, I wonder why I do it some days, but it has become more like breathing at this point, I just do it so naturally now, I barely think about it. I wake up, I start looking for something that pisses me off so I can write about it and keep my cantankerous old man lovable reputation that has gotten me so far in life.

I actually have been trying to be a little less of an angry bastard as of late.  Okay, notice I said “trying”, it’s a bit like getting off of drugs: I make it a couple of days, and then someone does something so monumentally stupid, I just have to make a comment lest my head explode.  I mean, really, do you want to see my head explode?  I know you don’t, so think of it as some form of odd therapy that keeps me alive.

Do I think I’ll keep going?  I don’t see why I wouldn’t.  I’m going to be awfully perturbed if I end up missing a day for some silly reason down the road.  Mind you I have missed a day here or there due to my cable going down, but I went ahead and wrote them offline and posted when the cable came back up.  Sadly I only have one broadband option where I live, and it sucks, so what can you do?

So, I would say “Here’s to another year!”, but at this point I’ll try not to jinx myself and enjoy I made it this long.

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