March 14 2008

Yes, I Now Own An iPod Touch

iPod TouchYes, I now own yet another iPod, an iPod Touch to be exact.  And, yes, this is the same device that I said I didn’t understand who this was built for back in October of last year.

What changed?  A couple of things.

My work at Mashable has me writing more and more about applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Not having one or the other to test out the apps on was getting highly annoying.

– The January software update added a dedicated mail application that really increased its usefulness.  With support for Gmail and AOL mail, it made it much more of a useful Internet device.  With support for any email account also, I will also be able to add my various company emails, allowing me to quickly check all my emails from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

– With the SDK (Software Development Kit) finally released, there are sure to be even more useful Internet apps coming to the device in rapid succession.  Get me a good Twitter app, and I’ll be thrilled.  First person to figure out how to get Skype to work natively, and I’ll build a monument to you.  Oh… and IMing… ugh, please, someone, GTalk!

– It also helped that a good friend of mine decided to upgrade to an iPhone and he sold me his used 16 GB Touch for an excellent price.

So, yes, I own a fourth iPod now, but I really bought this more strictly for the Internet capabilities, and I’m not even sure I’ll be adding music to it.  I will say I’m impressed with the video capabilities, so I may add some stuff to watch, and pictures are a must, but otherwise this is almost exclusively for me to use as an easy way to get on the net quickly and help me with certain articles I write.  I will say that this morning when my editor-in-chief, Adam Ostrow, had a big announcement coming out, it was nice to grab my Touch and be online in seconds to see what it was.  (big congrats on his purchase of ReadBurner!)

So, yes, feel free to mock me, I deserve it this time.

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