March 15 2008

Success Breeds Resurrection?

CupidIsn’t it amazing what some success can do? Back in 1998, Rob Thomas created a series for ABC called Cupid. Jeremy Piven played the title character which was a man who believed himself to be Cupid, the Roman god of love. He thought he was sent to Earth to bring together 100 couples, and once done, he could return home. Paula Marshall played his psychologist who seemed to go back-an-forth in her thoughts if he was sane or not, all the while obviously falling for him.

The series lasted only 15 episodes before it sadly got canceled and everyone went on to other projects, and more success: most notably is Piven winning multiple awards for playing “Ari Gold” on Entourage, and Thomas’ critical success with Veronica Mars.

Well, in a strange twist of fate, it seems ABC is talking to Thomas about giving the concept another go this fall.  Apparently the alphabet network has been talking to Thomas since last October about a new romantic comedy series, and since Cupid kept coming up, they decided to just give the original idea another go.  Thomas says that the concept hasn’t change any except that at some point it will be made clear if this really is Cupid or not.

The show will receive a whole new cast, and I thin that may prove a problem.  I loved the show, but I feel a lot of that was based on the strength of Piven in the title role, and not so much the concept.  It really is a weekly version of a romantic comedy movie, and just like Moonlighting fell apart when the lead characters got together,  so will Cupid.  Unless the series finds a leading man with a similar screen presence as Piven, I just simply don’t see it working.

I also find it interesting that, once again, Hollywood seems incapable of coming up with something original.  Instead they feel the need to do remake after remake that really doesn’t need to be done.  This series was cute once, but, again, it was on the strength of Piven, I find it hard to believe they will be able to find someone that is as suitable to this style of role to make me tune in week after week again.

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