March 18 2008

Information… FAIL!

Google ReaderBack in January I talked about how I feel like I am suffering from information overload.  To the right you can see my unread item number form Google Reader just about 3 minutes ago.  Daunting isn’t it?  That’s just today’s haul, not a couple days, just today.

Since I obviously consume so much info, I always find it amusing how I miss information about myself.  Remember when I recently mentioned how I got quoted by the New York Times?   I didn’t know until Pete Cashmore, the owner of Mashable, instant messaged to tell me about it.  I had no clue what he was talking about and had to go look at it several hours after it was up.

Well, last night the honor of telling me about myself went to Paul Joyce from SimplifyMedia.  (Check out his site for a nifty application that allows you to stream iTunes from your computer to your friends, and vice-versa)  It seems that a story I wrote for Mashable this weekend about the FBI looking into NCAA March Madness betting on Facebook had garnered me some quotes on PC World.  In turn, it turned out that was syndicated from this story on ComputerWorld.

Apparently I need to set up some filters to alert me of when I get mentioned on the web as it’s rather embarrassing always saying, “huh?” when someone tells me I get mentioned somewhere.  At least it wasn’t Valleywag!  (for those not in the tech blogosphere, Valleywag is a gossip rag all about people who work in tech)  Either way, it is always flattering getting quoted by another news source, I’d just like to know about it sometimes!

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