March 23 2008


GaggedAs you all know, I love talking about movies and television, but several times I have run up against plot specifics that would seem to be safe, and it turns out I am running spoilers for some people. This has been most evident with Luis from BlogD as he is in Japan and gets shows and movies long after we do in the United States.

So, many times I have pondered when is it safe to discuss plot specifics of a story, and it seems I am not the only one running into this problem.  When is it finally safe?  A day?  A week?  A year?  Ever?  With the advent of things like DVD season sets, people are watching new shows months and years after they first aired, so when would it be okay for me to finally discuss a plot detail?

I think I’ve personally been a bit skewed on this subject because I actually enjoy spoilers.  So sue me, but I like knowing where a story is going beforehand because then I can analyze the way it was constructed as it plays out.  It doesn’t ruin my enjoyment at all, for me it enhances it.  However, I have learned there are very few people like me when it comes to this, so I need to behave.  I’ve obviously learned something since my Buffy comic summaries are clearly marked as spoilers.

From here on out I will try to point out spoilers with a warning, but I would appreciate some feedback from people because I am not going to go [SPOILER WARNING] Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father![END SPOILERS] until the end of eternity.  So, hit me up with suggestions for a “spoiler grace period”.

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