March 28 2008

What I Want From The Apple SDK

Apple SDKBack on March 6th, Apple released their SDK (Software Developers Kit) for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  This finally allows people to create third-party applications for these devices, and come June, we’ll get the 2.0 version of the firmware to allow you to install them into your gadgets.

So, now that I finally have an iPod Touch, which I am loving to death,  and I’ve already talked about some minor changes I’d like to see, what would I like to see in the way of actual applications?  Because I know you all care about this… really… I know you do.

Spreadsheets – Not even necessarily from Microsoft, I just want the ability to open Excel spreadsheets and sync them.  Don’t even really need editing, it would be nice, but not as important as simple support.

Instant Messaging – Currently I have to use Meebo to log on to my instant messaging services, but I would kill for GTalk native support.  Other services would be nice, but since GTalk is my main IMing system now, so that’s the one I want.

PDF Support – I think this one is a long shot due to the size of most PDFs, but it would be nice.

Sling Media Support – This is very directed at the Sling Media company so I could get support for my Sling Box.  Streaming TV from my iPod Touch would be sweet.  My current PDA can do it, so I’m sure the Touch can also.

It’s a short list, but I’ve already said I would like changes to the contacts and such, and basically I am looking for it to be turned into a really nice PDA so I can finally stop carrying my Dell Axim 51v around with me.  Yes, I realize this is “an iPod”, but I have yet to put even one song on it as I am using it as an Internet device only at this point.

So, come on developers, I’m out here waiting for this stuff, don’t let me down!

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