At what point do you just finally give up hope and realize something is never going to happen? I fear I have finally reached that point with Guns N’ Roses ever releasing their 10-year-in-the-making album, Chinese Democracy. I probably should have given up hope after Slash, Duff McKagen and Matt Sorum all left the band… read more

Apparently it is another slow news period in the world, because the story of Miley Cyrus posing for pictures in Vanity Fair is yet another non-story that should not be getting anywhere near the coverage it is. For those of you unfamiliar with her, Miley Cyrus is the star of the insanely popular Disney series,… read more

-slowly bangs his head on his desk- Why does the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) insist on being such monumental asses? Is it a game to them? Some sort of, “Hey, let’s see if we can get away with… THIS” game of chicken they play with the music industry as a whole? Their latest… read more


I got the chance to be a last-minute fill-in guest last night on the Elite Tech News podcast with all of the regulars: Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins of Mashable Steven Hodson of WinExtra Frederic from The Last Podcast Jason from Webomatica Art Lindsey of We discussed a wide range of topics for over an hour… read more

I wasn’t aware until last night that ReadWriteWeb had decided to continue the, “Oh bloggers are over stressed and we’re all dying” meme started by the New York Times. I already covered this on April 6th in Dying To Blog, but this one brought up even more silliness. News blogging is probably one of the… read more

Guillermo Del Toro is going to to direct The Hobbit. This already makes me exponentially more excited for this project than I was for The Lord of the Rings. The only thing that is tempering my excitement some is that this is a two picture deal covering The Hobbit and… it’s sequel? True, there was… read more

It seems that computer makers have decided that I, amongst many, many others, am right about Vista not being the be-all, end-all of computing. HP, Dell and Lenovo computer manufacturers are all formulating plans for how they will continue to sell XP well past the June 30th cutoff set by Microsoft. The plans consist of… read more

I know it’s an old rant, and I know people far more familiar with the subject than myself have commented time and time again on it, but I don’t care. The oil companies can burn in Hades for all I care. It seems the major oil companies are set to announce huge profits on the… read more

Facebook finally got an application I’m enjoying: Triumph. Simply put, you fight people… endlessly.  You start off with a small kingdom and start building your offenses and defenses, trying to attack your neighbors to capture some of their land.  As the game progresses you can join an alliance which basically means if someone picks on… read more

Adam Ostrow, one of my editor’s at Mashable, has launched… well, re-launched, an exciting web application that I can’t believe how much I enjoy. ReadBurner had a short-lived run earlier this year that got the tech bloggers buzzing, but then it sadly went away when it got more popular than people could handle.  Adam, along… read more


Well, the new laptop is here. I did go with the Dell Vostro 1500, which I talked about back in February. So why did I go with this system?  Numerous reasons. – Windows XP was available on it.  That was a huge reason. – Dell Vostros ship without trialware, making for a much more pleasant… read more


April 22 2008

And We’re Back

Yes, the site was down for around 17 hours for reasons beyond my control, everything has been fixed now, and we shall discuss this… later.… read more

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