April 1 2008

10 Resources For Knitters

Today marks a new direction for my site… it’s all going to be about knitting. No more tech (unless it has to do with knitting), nothing about pop culture, no rants… all knitting, all the time. What better way to start than a list of 10 sites for knitting fanatics? – Dedicated to all sorts of crafts, this social network will allow you to show off your work and get inspired to do new things.
– Etsy is a marketplace for you to sell things you make, so if you have a talent for knitting toaster cozies, this may be the site for you to sell them on. – He’s a geek, he’s a knitter… surprised aren’t you? Check out how much he’s completed of each project. – Well, this is unfortunate, I do a screen shot for you all, and they are jokingly changing to How juvenile to make your blog something else for April Fool’s Day! That aside, lots of lessons here on how to knit.

KnittingNinja – Many examples of this woman’s knitting skills… not so many of her supposed ninja skills. I call fraud! – Thousands of free knitting patterns divided into over 50 categories.

Knitty – An online only magazine about all things knitting.

MenWhoKnit – They’re men… they knit… they’re proud.

Ravelry – Proving that there is a social network for everything, Ravelry is a social network for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts. Share your work, swap patterns, get your knit on.

– The name of this blog says it all. See his thoughts on knitting and what projects he has completed.

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