April 5 2008

In Praise Of Infinity Ward

Inifinity Ward LogoOkay, no one pass out… I’m actually going to praise something.

Inifinity Ward, the makers of Call of Duty 4, released four new maps for the online version of the game on Friday.  After some errors with buying them (it was the fault of Xbox Live, not Infinity Ward), all was well and you could purchase the new release.  Now, in the past when I’ve bought maps for other games, you have to hope enough people buy them for them to show up in normal rotation.  Usually this leads to frustration, cursing and wondering why you bothered to buy the maps because not enough people got them for them to show up in the playlists.

Well, in a show of forward thinking, Infinity Ward set up special rooms just for people who bought the maps and, for this weekend only, are offering you double experience points for playing in them.  All I can say is kudos to them for thinking of this very situation and I can say I’ve already gotten my monies worth out of these new arenas.  And, bonus, the new maps are kick-ass.  I never thought I would say, “Wow, this map is TOO big!”, but the map named “Broadcast” really is!

Take note other game makers: this is how you handle an expansion release.

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