April 9 2008


I don’t get ties. I know I have whined about other formalities, such as the use of my first name when making an initial business contact with me, but ties are just lost on me.

How, or why, is there any sort of correlation between my ability to place a piece of cloth around my neck, tie it in a certain way, that makes you realize I am some how worthy of doing business with you? I have not worn a tie since 1996, and I am quite happy about this; I hope never to wear one again. There are numerous ways you can still dress in a business fashion without putting that silly piece of cloth around your neck, which just makes me curious why people still do.

There is no denying that there are gorgeous ties out there, but why they are still considered proper business attire is just completely beyond me. Perhaps maybe I can prove this point by tying some other completely random piece of clothing around my neck. Do you think I can make a tube sock around the neck into a fashion statement?

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